Sascha Herm - United Kingdom

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Brief Intro: Sascha Herm

Hi everyone,
I am from Germany and now living in the UK. I have been painting figures for many years, my paint brush was never far away and I paint every day. I have always had a great passion for the hobby, whether large scale, small scale, historical or fantasy.
I have not been on social media for very long but this is where I discovered Rubicon Models. I was immediately drawn into the quality of the vehicles and tanks. My first one was a StuG, which I hand painted and I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to build and paint more. This evolved into me purchasing an airbrush, as I wanted to experiment more with different camouflage patterns. I continue to learn every day and try to apply something different to each model I build and paint.


I would say painting and converting the figures. I like to try to get as much realism and character into every single one. The clean and crisp sculpting & casting are helping me with achieving that.

Favorite Rubicon Kit:

Difficult to say as I enjoyed building and painting all the kits so far but if I have to, it would be the SdKfz 7 with the 88mm FlaK and my latest Jagdpanther.